How we work?

In all our work, we focus on identifying the core message. The inner purpose of a brand. The essential thrust of an industry topic. The real unique selling point of a product or service.

This is what guides our work and makes us different to other creative agencies. We are deeply message-led. It is the start-point of everything and all else flows out from that. Our skills lie in identifying and articulating key facts to create compelling brand communication and engaging content. And in doing so, we help brands to stand tall in their market, with clear brand promises and confidence-inspiring content. Take a look at what we do and see examples of our work.

Every project starts with a thorough briefing, based on your preferred way of working. We then assess your requirement and assign the best creatives from our team to your work, based on the specific skill set that best matches your brief. 

We communicate via the best method for the situation: online meeting, email, phone, or collaboration platforms. Unless you ask us to interact on your workflow platform, we manage our workflow via Active Collab and share files with you that way. This provides an easy method of sharing files and submitting copy for your approval, with scope for you to comment and make or request amends.

How do we charge for our work? 

We offer three methods of costing for our clients:


Project quoting:
A quoted cost based on a clear brief


Monthly retainer:
A fixed monthly sum for an agreed level of work (good for content marketing plans)


Hourly rate:
Either our standard hourly rate for ad hoc work or an improved rate based on a minimum number of hours per month

Explore the different services we offer on our What page to find out more about how we work. We offer both interview-style briefing (verbal discussion by phone or Skype video) or briefing via easy-to-complete forms. And our content marketing plans include weekly or monthly calls to identify what needs covering within your content for the next period.

When working for our valued trade clients, we operate as one of your members of staff, liaising with clients directly and accelerating your workflow.

Please make contact to discuss your requirements and we will identify the best structure for you.